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Wuxi Institute of Technology (WXIT)

Eastern China|Jiangsu



Wuxi Institute of Technology (WXIT), founded in October of 1959, is an independent and full-time public higher vocational institute, which was authorized by the National Education Ministry and is under the jurisdiction of Jiangsu Education Office. In 2003, WXIT was accredited by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance as the only constructing institution of “National Demonstrative Higher Vocational Institute” in JiangsuProvince, and got the titles of “National CNC Urgently-needed Talents Cultivation Base ” and “Jiangsu Cultivation and Training Base for Urgently-needed Talents of Automobile Technology”. Moreover, WXIT has successively won the titles of “National Advanced Institution of Vocational Education”, “Advanced Institution of Jiangsu Vocational Education”, “Advanced Institution of Jiangsu Graduate Employment”, and so on.

WXIT is located near the beautiful Tai HuLake, and it occupies an area of 860 Mu with a building area of 240,000 square meters. At present it has about 10,000 full-time students living and studying on campus and there are other 3,000 students in the city of Wuxi receiving part-time training at our institute every year.

WXIT has set up 10 academic departments, namely the Department of Machinery, the Department of Automobile Engineering, the Department of Electro-mechanics, the Department of Automation, the Department of Electronics Engineering, the Department of Business and Management, the Department of Computer Science, the Department of Fundamental Education, the Department of Continuous Education & Training and the Department of Practice & Training.The setting of the institute’s majors mainly focuses on the backbone industry of Jiangsu―manufacturing. Therefore a major set of departments has been created focusing on the industry chain. All of these programs adapt themselves to the manufacturing industry-chain including core industries, relevant industries and additive industries. Among them, CNC Technology Application and Automobile Technology and Service are the National Key Majors, Modern Electric Technology is the Provincial Demonstrative Major, and the specialties of Mold and Die Design and Manufacturing, Computer Science and Technology and Marketing are Provincial Featured Majors. Electro-mechanical Automation and Robot Technology are Key majors within the institute.

WXIT has been focusing on the following principles:

  • Providing high quality education so as to cultivate outstanding talents.
  • Equip the students with good professional skill and innovative spirit.
  • Giving sense of social responsibility and vocational morality, as well as promoting an active attitude and keeping healthy physical condition.

The graduates are widely welcomed by various businesses and enterprises; the employment rates of the graduates in the last 3 years are above 95%. In 2003 and 2004, WXIT was accredited twice as “Jiangsu Provincial Model for Graduates Employment”, and during 2002 and 2005, the team of our institute has attended the “CCTV Cup of National College Students Robot Competition”, which were sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology and China Central Television. As the only team representing all the higher vocational colleges nationwide, our competitors have achieved excellent results from the three competitions.

WXIT has won the trust of society with its high education quality and employment rate, and therefore become the first choice for high school graduates within the province. In 2003, WXIT became the first affiliate member of the American Association Community Colleges for International Development (CCID). Still, WXIT is on the march of upgrading the internationalization of vocational education to the next level.


Vacancy: 5 (two Japanese teachers)

Gender: M / F

Degree: Bachelor,Master, Doctor

Major:Linguistics/literature,Education ?Crelated

Working Experience:Above three years

Teacher or expert: Expert


Nationality: American, British, Canadian, Australian

Language: English

Contract duration: One year

Starting date: Sep.2006

Working place: On campus

Workload: 16 periods per week ( 45 minutes per period )

Monthly salary (RMB):4000-5500

Courses to teach: Oral English,Conversation, Writing

Air fare: Round-trip

Travel allowance (RMB): 2200 of one year

Meals: Cooking utensils provided

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