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Luzhou Tianli International School

Southwestern China|Sichuan



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I am  glad to know you would like to teach in China.. Are you interested in teaching in my school ? The following is the brief introduction of my school:


My school is Luzhou Tianli International School, Sichuan Province,southwest of China, 250 km away from Chengdu  and  180 km from Chongqing by the Yangtze River .Near our city there is an airport,express ways Tuojiang River and Yangtze River .So the traffic is convenient .Our city is very beautiful It is China’s  national famous history-culture city, national clean city, national tourist city,national wine cityIt is clean.The city is enviornmentally friendly with little pollution The people who  are very happy with the life here,are friendly and passionate and enthusiastic. Our school  is in the city and it provides You are provided an unshared  130 square meter flat with a study, a living room, a kitchen,two toilets two balconies ,and two bedrooms. It has air-conditioning, telephone, cable TV,and internet. In the flat you are provided washing machine,TV, DVD player,fridge, two beds ,two set of  bedsheet , stove,computer,sofas, desks, chairs tables and bookshelf  All the leaders and teachers and students are all very kind to foreign teachers.. And our flat is especially suitable for two friends or couples. And all our former foreign teachers like to work and live in our school.



Luzhou Tianli International School is situated at Xianglin Road, Chengbei New District of Luzhou. It is the first full-time boarding school approved by Luzhou Education Bureau. It includes a primary school, a junior middle school and a senior high school. The school is on the north bank of TuojiangRiver, facing ZhongshanMountain. It’s a good place for both teachers and students because of its green campus with many gardens in it, and green hills and blue water around it.

The school occupies an area of 160 mu. It can hold more than 3,000 students. It has been built as a standard NationalExampleSchool with lecture buildings, libraries, a gym, an academic report hall, a standard swimming pool and a standard football field with 400-metre plastic tracks. All the classrooms have multi-media teaching equipment. There are many c