Yao Ming

Brief Introduction
A New NBA Star
The Huge Economic Interest Behind Yao Ming


Dozens of articles have been written about him, people crowd the lines to get tickets to his games, his name and picture are strewn all over the news. Although he,s only a rookie, he has become a household name. But this year,s NBA number one draft pick, soft-spoken, humorous Yao Ming is much more than a magnificent basketball player. He is an explorer and a pioneer. Reminiscing about his childhood dream, he says "I wanted to be adventurer and explore the world." He reveled in geography and history. His stellar basketball moves have allowed him to begin accomplishing his childhood dreams.

Being dubbed as the "biggest story going in the draft," by C.M. Newton of the World Basketball Championships, you would never know by talking to him. With a warm smile, Yao loves to come home from a long day’s work to his mom,s hearty Chinese meals in their Houston home. Although he misses hanging out with his friends and going to Internet Cafes to play video games in China, Houston is a second home to him now. Everyday, he reads American papers, such as USA Today, and watches television to continue to master his English. He can,t wait to hop on a bike and ride all over Houston, just like he does in China.

A  New  NBA  Star

When he came to NBA, no one believed in that he could survive in the crude NBA life. A famous star bet that Yao ming would leave NBA soon or he would got the same result as Wang Zhizhi, who is another excellent star in CBA but failed in NBA.

After several match, the star changed their attitude toward Yao Ming. Now let’s see what they talk about Yao.

"I played him in the first game of the year last year when I was with Indiana and Jeff Foster put a forearm into him and pushed him all over the place. That doesn,t happen now. Yao is so dang thick. You have to counteract his size, try to take advantage of things and make him work, and that,s what I tried to do. He,s wide, but he,s not a 7-6 stiff like Shawn Bradley of Dallas."

Sacramento King center Brad Miller, on Yao,s improvement from his rookie season, 11/28/03 

"I was looking for teams that could play inside out. With Yao Ming down low, he,s going to demand the double team. He,s going to become better and better every year. He,s going to become the most dominant player in the league the next couple of years."

New Rockets guard Eric Piatkowski, signed as a free agent from the L.A. Clippers, commenting on the outside shooting opportunities he will have playing with Yao Ming, 7/26/03
Responding to the question on having the same kind of success that Hakeem Olajuwon had at Compaq Center, 10/30/03

Shoot. He,s not 7-6 and Shawn Bradley; he,s 7-6 and very good. He,s going to be a dominating player for many years." 

Sacramento King center Brad Miller, who had a shot emphatically rejected by Yao Ming in a preseason game, 10/16/03

"I really hope that I can have the same kind of success. I,m jealous of his success, and I hope I can get it, too."
Hakeem Olajuwon, I think every basketball fans know who is he, and acknowledge that he is a giant NBA star just like Jordan.

So we can see how successful Yao Ming is in NBA. The people realize that he in not only a star in CBA but also in NBA. And I believe that he will become the next hero in the history of NBA like Jordan. He can create a miracle without anyone’s imagine.

The Huge Economic Interest Behind Yao Ming

Every people know that a famous sport player can make a big fortune especial in football and basketball. However if we realize how large the economy value of Yao Ming, we will must be too surprise to say any word. And the CEO of NBA must also think about this problem. Absorbed in the excellent basketball player is right, but another reason is Yao Ming is a Chinese star. And everyone including the American are beginning to realize that China will become richer and richer and the sport market will enlarge. They want to get a part fortune from this market so they need a China star. You can realize this situation from the following :

Yao Ming Autographed Mini-Jersey-Numbers Piece (Away)

Whether he plays at home or on the road, Yao Ming fills up the seats in arenas around the NBA. Now in his second NBA season, Yao is a dominating player who has helped transform the Houston Rockets into a playoff contender. Now collectors can better appreciate the big man,s efforts by purchasing this beautifully designed and autographed Mini-Jersey-Numbers piece (away uniform version). The framed item, which measures 11,, wide x 13,, tall, is authenticated by UDA.

Yao’s Effect on us

Yao Ming also makes a big fortune after he proves that he is qualified as a NBA star. He maybe is the richest Chinese sport player. And thousands of Chinese young child want to be get the same success.

If you type “Yao Ming” in Google, you will surprise that there are so many information about him and website. If you watch

Chinese sport’s Tv  programs, you will find that we can watch Yao every time. If you read the Chinese sport’s newspapers, you’ll find Yao Ming in every one. Even in the official website of Chinese Government, you also can find the figure of Yao. If you don’t believe what I say. You can try by yourself.

His success has been acknowledged by all the people including the American. He got his success by hard-working. And he is a good example that every young should learn. He encourage the Chinese people to get our national success among the globe competition in the future. 

Yao’s  Profile
Age: 23
Height: 7,5"
Position: Center
Weight: 296 lb 

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